Sports Massage

Massage Therapy vs. Physiotherapy

December 2, 2010

The professions of physiotherapy and massage therapy are closer than you think. The current scope of practice for Physiotherapy in Ontario is: “The practice of physiotherapy is the assessment of physical function and the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of physical dysfunction, injury or pain, to develop, maintain, rehabilitate, or augment function or to relieve pain.” […]

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The Benefits of Sports Massage

September 3, 2009

As an athlete can you benefit from massage? The average sports enthusiast might have their doubts. If you are running 30km a week, or lifting weights 3 times a week or generally pushing your body to its limits, how can a shoulder rub help? First of all, let’s have another look at the definition of […]

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What is fascia?

July 24, 2009

What is fascia?  If you’ve ever cooked chicken, you’ve probably noticed it. The thin, transparent, filmy material that covers the chicken meat.  Our muscles are covered in fascia.  Fascia covers every muscle and keeps the muscle together.  Fascia covers and protects every single muscle bundle or fascicle that makes up the muscle.  Fascia also covers every […]

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"My Shoulders Hurt When I Jog"

June 29, 2009

We expect pain and discomfort in just about every muscle from the waist down when it comes to jogging, but why would we get a pain in the shoulder? First of all many of us have some sort of postural imbalance where the shoulders aren’t lined up well.  Also, there is muscle tension and stress […]

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