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Sping: The Best Time for a Dietary Cleanse

March 15, 2010

With the undeniably warm weather here, it is time for another cleanse. I am relatively new to the cleansing game. I think this is the third year I’ve tried it. I think that spring time is the perfect time for me to do a dietary cleanse. I would hate to be stuck doing a cleanse […]

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Oops, I did it again

August 9, 2009

So, that’s now twice that I slipped up on Saturday.  A new low.  This cleanse business is becoming more of a “cleanse with benefits” the way things are going.  Thank goodness I’m not a nutritionist, otherwise I’d have to seriously consider looking for a new line of work.  Luckily I’m just a humble RMT whose […]

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Cleansing Can be Tough Business

August 8, 2009

After the initial stumble (Norwegian caviar, English chocolates…. things are tough for an RMT), I was on a bit of a roll for a while.  Nothing passed through these teeth unless it was vegetarian, gluten free and non dairy.  That is until today when a client brought in, for little ‘ol me, home cooked shrimp […]

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It’s Cleansing Time Again

August 6, 2009

  As I said in my last post, I was in Montreal on the weekend.  It was a great time, but all the rich food, alcohol and unhealthy living took its toll on me.  By the time I got back to Toronto, I felt a bit of a physical mess; my digestive system not quite […]

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