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Candida Diary #12: Ancient Chinese Secret

June 22, 2012

June 6 Up until recently, I had relied completely on Inno-Vite’s products and my restricted diet to cure my candida, but on Thursday of last week, I remembered the many successes I had from a doctor of chinese medicine on Gerrard St.  Traditional Chinese medicine treats candida quite differently.  In traditional Chinese medicine, yeast infections […]

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Candida Diary #11: What Now?

June 19, 2012

May 24 Today was not a great day.  My dizziness came back with a vengeance.  I recently suffered from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) first in October of last year.  It is a terrible condition where a bit of crystal breaks loose in your inner ear disrupting your sense of balance.  It makes walking, standing, […]

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Candida Diary #10: Bigger Faster Stronger

June 14, 2012

May 23 2012 I hit the gym again today.  I can’t believe that I have all the strength that I do considering what I eat. It is hard to believe that when I first started, I could barely get through a short workout, and now, I have lots of energy after my workout is already […]

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Candida Diary #9: Turning a Corner

June 13, 2012

may 10, 2012 Today was a good day.  I felt alert and energetic throughout the entire day.  I don’t know where I get the energy from.  When i start to feel this way, I start to doubt myself.  Did  accidentally eat some sugar somewhere?  Was there sugar in the fried chicken I made this evening?  […]

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Candida Diary # 6: Skin and Bones

June 7, 2012

Wednesday April 25, 2012 After only three days, weight is dropping off me. It is like seeing a new face staring back at me every time I look in the mirror.  I am discovering that I have cheekbones and a jaw line.  Who knew?  I haven’t seen them in years.  For the most part, I […]

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Candida Diary # 5: Learning to Enjoy Hot Wet Oats

May 24, 2012

Monday April 23 I started the day with the Yeast Buster drink.  That was the easy part.  Now, what the heck do I eat?  I usually start the day with a gigantic 1 litre smoothie made with yogurt, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, orange juice, and mango puree.  It is absolutely fantastic and a real joy to […]

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