Burmese Massage

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Here is a video from Mandalay illustrating some Burmese massage techniques.

You can see from the video that it is very similar to Thai massage.  In fact, the majority of the moves are identitical.  There seems to be attention to Thai Sen energy meridians, but unlike Thai massage which exerts a downward pressure on the lines, the Burmese often use a cross-fibre pressure on the lines which allow them to have a greater fascial release .  Like Thai massage, the treatment starts with the feet.  The majority of the work is on the feet and legs (In a typical two hour massage, the lower body would receive 80 minutes of treatment).  The feet are treated with the body in 5 or 6 different positions as if they are instinctively trying to access the body’s different fascial anatomy trains in each position.  The footwork is quite effective as it receives such a large focus.  Also effective are the work on the IT band and adductor muscles.  They use quite a bit of elbow, foot and knee pressure when working on the large muscle groups of the legs giving the therapists a wonderful amount of leverage to treat with good body mechanics.  You will also notice some chiropractic style adjustments.  These can be a bit dangerous as the typical masseuse has only a minimal amount of training, there is a total lack of a health history taken before the treatment, and the focus of the treatment is to give a FULL routine utilizing all the steps in the routine whether or not that step is unnecessary or even dangerous to that particular client.  Most masseuses were understanding, however, when I declined certain maneuvres.

Normally a full routine takes 2 hours.  To condense the massage video into 7 minutes, the techniques are performed a bit abruptly, the treatment is not bilateral, and only the most common techniques are shown.